Connect to PayPal

You can use the PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) to connect PayPal to MintPaid. Please follow the steps below;

  1. Go to your Instant Payment Notification settings on PayPal (you can also access this from Account Settings > Notifications page, click Update next to Instant payment notifications).
  2. Click the orange Choose IPN Settings button. If you already have an IPN saved, instead click the orange Edit Settings button.
  3. (optional) If there is an existing Notification URL copy it into the Passthrough URL box below
  4. Copy the following URL into the Notification URL box:
  5. Ensure IPN messages is set to Receive IPN messages (Enabled)
  6. Click the Save button on PayPal
You can also set a Passthrough URL below. MintPaid will immediately forward any IPN notifications to this URL. As PayPal only allows you to set one Notification URL at a time, this allows you to have multiple systems connected via the IPN.
Once you have set the Notification URL on PayPal using the steps above, please click the button below.